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Name:[ en ] tranceway mirrorverse
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The other side of the looking glass
This community is home to the Mirrors of [community profile] entranceway


The Mirror Universe is what exists beyond every mirror, every reflective surface in the Mansion. It looks exactly the same as the normal Mansion, only with left and right reversed. It is a perfect reflection, with backwards writing and clocks that tick counter-clockwise.

Every person who arrives in Wonderland has a reflection on the other side of the mirrors. These doubles, referred to simple as "Mirrors", are identical in appearance and ability to the originals, but differ in personality. Some are polar opposites, but many simply have some very crucial personality traits reversed. Some of the Mirrors have complex back stories. Some are aware that they are nothing more than creations of the Queen. Those that do have back stories have false ones; implanted memories they have been made with, or given subsequently.

Whatever their differences, deep down, they are all recognizable as alternates of the originals. They exist to serve and obey the Queen of Hearts, and do her bidding. Or else. All the Mirrors were created by the Queen and all were created to be inherently loyal to her. She makes them that way, and those who are not loyal will face the consequences.

The strongest Mirrors vie for the Queen's favor with their usefulness, their strength, their willingness to serve. The Queen is the ultimate authority, and she encourages infighting. Viciousness keeps the established pecking order intact, alters it where it needs to be altered, and keeps anyone from challenging the status quo. Physical violence is not encouraged by the Queen, of course, since injured and incapacitated Mirrors are neither useful nor ornamental, but there are other ways to climb to the top of the heap.

The mirrors reflect, and they wait, and they watch, until the Queen tells them otherwise.


is the community where you can play the mirror opposites to your characters. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

[ ] The Mirror Universe Often referred to as the Mirror side, the Mirror Universe is a mirror image of the Real side of Wonderland, with a few important differences. Check the Setting Page for more details.

[ ] The Community As of right now, the Mirror Universe community is open for use at any time, for both action and network posts.

[ ] Mirror Network Posts The Mirror Universe has its own network that is not connected to the network on the Real side. Thus, posts on one side are not visible to people on the other side.

[ ] Crossing Over Mirrors have the ability to walk through the mirrors whenever they want, technically. This forces the Real thing to take the mirror's place in the mirror universe. The catch is, mirrors are forbidden from crossing over without the queen's permission. Otherwise, it will be considered treason and the mirror character will be punished. Because of this, mirrors crossing over when there is no mirror event going on requires mod permission.

If a normal character desperately needs to go to the Mirror Universe, there is a way. They will need to talk to one of the Residents who, if they feel like it or can be bribed enough, will bring your character to something called the Rabbit Hole.

There is one way to force a Mirror on the Real side to switch back: get him or her to look at his or her reflection. "Reflections" don't exist in the Mirror Universe, because every reflective surface is used for spying on the Real side. Showing a Mirror his or her reflection in any reflective surface will force him or her back to the Mirror Universe and bring the Real thing back. The Mirrors will not be so likely to want to go home, though. The Queen probably sent them with something important to do! So do expect a struggle or a bit of a fight.

[ ] Communications Between Sides
The mirrors work like a one-way mirror. When a Real thing looks into one, he or she see only a normal reflection, but when their a Mirror character looks into a mirror, he or she can see out to the other side (and hear through them as well!), and watch the Real things. The only sure way to stop a Mirror from spying is to shatter all of the mirrors in a room. The respite from spying is brief, though; shattered mirrors recover after one hour has passed.

Want to talk to a Mirror character? You have two options. The first is to ask a Resident to deliver your message, but it's difficult to gauge how reliable any of them might be. The alternative is to write on the glass. Writing is the only thing people in the Real side can see coming through from the Mirror side. Paint, sharpie, crayon, blood: anything that will write on a glass surface would work.

[ ] Different Sides When a Mirror or a Real thing crosses over to the other side of the mirror, he or she are immediately switched with his or her counterpart. Therefore, it is physically impossible for them to be on the same side of the mirror. For now, anyway.

[ ] Death in the Mirror Universe If a character, Mirror or Real, dies on the mirror side, they die for good.

Mirror characters are incapable of falling ill, although they can obviously be injured. Should they die from injuries sustained, there is no guarantee that they will be brought back. Resurrection of Mirrors is up to the Queen, and she is not going to bring back weak mirrors.

[ ] Mirrors are not Mandatory Your character will have a Mirror, because everyone has a Mirror, but it is entirely your choice whether you want to use your character's Mirror or not.

As for journals, they are not required either. During events when Mirrors switch to the Real side of the mansion, you may play them in your character's journal. You just have to tag the entry with "mirror: character name". You are welcome to use a Mirror character journal to post in the [community profile] mirroruniverse community or reply to character journal posts on the Real side, of course, but it is not mandatory that you create a Mirror journal.


Name: Koji [[personal profile] losers_day]
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Name: Kristen [[personal profile] ondistantshores]
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